JAMS Kitchen Design

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Do you dream of a new kitchen, only to get discouraged because you think the cost will be outrageous?  According to Home Advisor, the national average is roughly $22k.  
What if I told you that we spent less than $12k on this kitchen?  Granted we saved HUGE $$$ on labor. But if we can do it… you can do it too!

You have the knowledge right at your fingertips. Google and YouTube was our best friend in learning how to put things together. The rest was trial & error.

Do you love what you see, & want the look? And do you wonder how much each item costs?… well, here’s a breakdown of what we spent on our Seatac kitchen design, & where to get it:

(click item to be directed to website)

$7,000.00  Kitchen Cabinets & Quartz Countertops
1,349.00  Refridgerator
1,099.00  Oven / Range
449.00  Dishwasher
309.99  Range Hood
299.99  Apron Front Sink
254.00  Entry Door
158.00  Kitchen Sink Faucet
96.00  Cabinet Handles (12 packs @ $7.99/ 2 pieces)
23.84  Subway Tile  (8 sf total)
 17.46  Grout
$11,056.28  TOTAL

Hope you all enjoyed this blog! I love what I do and I enjoy providing content that helps you! If there’s a topic you would like me to touch on, please comment below or contact me at jaynap@johnlscott.com…


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